Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our treatments, leather repairs and conditions.

Making an appointment is quite simple. There are different ways to do this:

  • Per e-mail
  • Via Whatsapp
  • By phone
  • By filling out our contact form

We work by appointment. Our work sometimes requires us to be at different locations. Do you wish to come by but have not made an appointment? Give us a call or send us a WhatsApp message to check if we are present in our studio.

Detailing a new car? Yes, we certainly advise it. Cars often get very dirty during transport. The pores are already filled with dirt, which may later lead to scratches. Sometimes there may already be swirls and holograms in the paint. In this case we will first polish these out. If this is not the case, then your car will be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. When decontaminating, all the remaining dirt is removed from the pores using clay. Afterwards, the protection layer can be applied to the paint. Depending on the paint and your personal choice, a ceramic coating or wax protection is advised. Your car is now properly protected against UV-rays, bird droppings, tree resin among other things. Your car will also be easier to clean. With this protection, you can enjoy and drive your car without worries.

We often get this question. The answer is simple. The difference between car cleaning and detailing is that, with car cleaning, superficial scratches are filled with a product that give the impression that your car is scratch free. Unfortunately, after just a few times washing your vehicle, this effect wares off. Detailing on the other hand, does eliminate fine scratches without damaging the paint of your car. A common reaction from our customers is “My car looks as good as new! The paint looks even better than when I bought the car”.

In order to maintain the value of your car, it is certainly necessary to protect the paint of your car. The purchase of your (exclusive) car was a conscious decision, so you will also want to keep it in a great state. This is only possible with paint protection. Even new cars get dirty during transport and a detailing treatment is strongly recommended.

We follow our rule that we do not drive in your car. We can, however, arrange for closed transportation through our partner Renamo. This professional and experienced company is specialised in closed transport of highly exclusive cars. If this is something you would prefer, please let us know and we will request a quote for you.

Absolutely. Safety is very important to us. That is why your car will ALWAYS remain inside in our studio. We have multiple security measures in place.

The benefits:

  • the paint is best protected against UV-rays
  • easier to clean
  • swirls and holograms will be polished
  • your car will have an amazing shine
  • keeps or even raises the value of your car
  • dirt attaches to the paint with less ease
  • your car will look like new

These are just a few benefits, there are certainly a lot more.

The amount of experience, passion, attention to detail, and hospitality. We go the extra mile. We take care of your car just as much as we take care of you. Furthermore, we have made conscious choices regarding the products we use. Quality and perfection are paramount, and this is reflected in our studio and in everything we do.

We do not have a standard answer to this question. There is no standard answer. It depends on the state of your car and your chosen treatment. It may vary between half a day and a week.

You can pay in cash or with debit card when you come and collect your treated car.

If it concerns the re-scheduling of your appointment, we are flexible. Just let us know at least 24 hours in advance, and we will re-schedule the appointment to another date in the short term. Does it concern an actual cancellation, whereby no costs have yet been incurred for ordering products specific to your car’s need? Then let us know at least 72 hours in advance. This way, we can make someone else happy with an appointment. Were there already costs incurred for ordering products specific to your car’s needs? Consider for instance, leather repair products made in a specific colour. Then these costs will be charged on you.

We are discreet with both your identity and your car’s identity and data. Once we complete a treatment, we place a car cover over your car. We regularly have well known people in our studio. Their identity and that of their car is always protected when desired. We only use your name and a photo of your car if you have given us your permission to do so.

Even when you have given us permission to post a picture of your car on our social media or website, we will keep your privacy in mind. It is standard practice with us to blur the licence plate of your car. We take privacy and safety very seriously.

We restore the leather interior of your car using traditional methods. The secret of the blacksmith lies in the years of experience, knowledge and doing everything by hand. That way your leather remains supple and breathable. Just like you, we want to keep your leather interior as original as possible.

No, we repair your leather interior with leather specific materials. Not a single piece of other leather is involved. Max specialises in leather repairs and renovations. Whether it is crackle, the leather has discolored over the years or whether there is a hole in it, he can repair a lot by hand. Is your interior damaged in such a way that it is better to have your interior upholstered? We will be happy to connect you to one of our partners.