Your car is our care.

Your car is, just like you, unique and can therefore be treated as such.
Our detailer Max will treat, the exterior and interior of your car, with passion and eye for detail. Depending on your wishes and the results of the inspection, the most suitable treatment is chosen. Your car is treated with the utmost love and care, as if your car is visiting an exclusive Car Spa.

What does a detailing treatment entail?

Detailing is the collective name for the extensive screening, washing, claying, car paint correction, waxing and sealing of your beloved car. Primarily weather conditions, sand and brine, insects, tree sap, bird poop, and especially scratches from the car wash, known as swirls, are damaging to your car paint. Nearly all parts of the car (interior and exterior) are extensively cleaned and, after a detailing session, will look good as new. Not just that, but your car paint will also be protected for at least six months.

Each car is unique and requires different treatment, meaning your car will receive custom care. Max carries out a comprehensive inspection of your car, where both the exterior and interior are examined. We take the state of your car, the paint, the colour and your wishes into account.

The thickness of the paint is measured around the car, the paint imperfections, such as scratches, swirls and holograms, are thoroughly examined. Does your leather interior have much crackle? We also inspect the interior of your car. This inspection guarantees that you can select the best and most suitable treatment for your beloved car.

We have years long experience with detailing many different types of cars. From modern cars to oldtimers. From Audi, Mercedes, and BMW to more exclusive sports cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Pagani, Bugatti…

So, what will we do with your car if you bring it to MG Exclusive Detailing? Below you can find several treatment packages to choose from. Is your desired treatment not on the list? Just contact us for the possibilities.



From €499,-
  • Inspection car's paint
  • Complete exterior will be thoroughly cleaned
  • Degreasing the paint of the car
  • Removal of tar and dirt residues through claying (decontamination)
  • Second paint inspection including measuring
  • Light paint correction
  • Layer of car wax for protection, gloss and depth
  • Cleaning of rubbers
  • Cleaning of plastics
  • Light interior cleaning
  • Window cleaning



From €949,-
  • Including full Silver Treatment
  • Rims treatment
  • Two rounds of paint correction
  • Mitchell & King Pure treatment
  • Safely cleaning engine bay
  • Multiple layers of high quality car wax for extra protection
  • Extra shine and gloss
  • Rubber treatment; cleaning and nourishing
  • Chrome treatment
  • Plastic parts treatment
  • Full interior cleaning
  • Leather interior cleaning and nourishment
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From €2998,-
  • Including full Gold Treatment
  • Paint correction as often as needed
  • Choice between high quality wax or a coating
  • Exhaust treatment
  • Spotrepair
  • Special anti rain treatment
  • In case of a convertible; soft top treatment
  • Deep cleaning of the interior
  • Impregnation of car mats
  • Cleaning and treating leather interior
  • Leather repair and renovation
  • Polishing wooden parts
  • Optimal protection, shine and depth
  • Unique photo album of your car's experience