Let your car’s paint shine and look like new. This detail treatment is ideal for cars with paint that is in good condition but needs that extra bit of attention to be swirl-free, shine and turn heads.

Which car detailing treatment does my car need?

We get this question regularly. We have developed three main car detailing treatments for you to make your car even more beautiful. Do you have specific wishes that are not in your desired treatment? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Silver Treatment

The Silver Treatment is ideal for cars with few visible imperfections on the car paint. This is also an appropriate treatment for new cars. These often get dirty during transport and the car paint could use an extra protection.

Does your car need a bit more care to make it look like new again? Then check out our Gold Treatment or for the most exclusive treatment choose the MG Signature Treatment.



From € 499,-
  • Inspection car's paint
  • Complete exterior will be thoroughly cleaned
  • Degreasing of the paint
  • Removal of tar and dirt residues through claying (decontamination)
  • Second paint inspection including measuring
  • Light paint correction
  • Layer of car wax for protection, gloss and depth
  • Cleaning of rubbers
  • Cleaning of plastic parts
  • Light interior cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • A surcharge of €250,- will be applicable for big cars.
  • For a small additional charge it is possible to have a coating applied for long-lasting protection.