Your car is our care

The most exclusive and extensive treatment.


The only car detailing treatment where you pick up your car and receive an exclusive photo album of the process your unique car went through. When selecting this treatment, you send your car to the car wellness paradise for a full week.

What can you expect when choosing our MG Signature Treatment?

This can best be answered by those who were here before you.

Ronald G.

I recently brought my 911 to MG Exclusive Detailing to have it detailed. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than I would get it back shiny. The result exceeded my expectations, as if my 911 was leaving the showroom again for the first time!

Monique G.

What wonderful enthusiasts at MG Exclusive. With a lot of knowledge and skills.

My car now looks like it came straight out of the factory, thank you!!!

Raymond R.

Raymond even wrote an entire article about his experience. He has pampered his beautiful Rolls Royce with our Signature Treatment.

Maarten A.

With Max, we checked out the car and inspected it in detail. I quickly came to the realisation that the car really needed a ‘freshening up’ in honour of its 20th anniversary. When the car was ready, I rushed over to MG. The car wasn’t just ready, it was practically new.



From 2998,-
  • Including full Gold Treatment
  • Paint correction as often as needed
  • Choice between high quality wax or a coating
  • Exhaust treatment
  • Spotrepair
  • Special anti rain treatment
  • In case of a convertible; soft top treatment
  • Deep cleaning of the interior
  • Impregnation of car mats
  • Cleaning and treating leather interior
  • Leather repair and renovation
  • Polishing wooden parts
  • Optimal protection, shine and depth
  • Unique photo album of your car's experience