The most popular car detailing treatment.


This is our most popular treatment when it comes to car detailing options. The Gold Treatment your car will receive a more extensive treatment than with the Silver Treatment. Every car is unique. While one car may need more attention on the exterior, another may need it more on the interior. This will depend on several factors, such as the age of the car, type of paint, intensity of use, regular maintenance, etc… Does your car, for example, have many swirls or holograms? Is your car’s interior in need of a thorough cleaning? Then you this Gold Treatment is the right choice for you.

Dolf-Michel has this to say after his car was treated by us:
“It is as if my car is leaving the showroom. I can recommend everyone to visit MG Exclusive Detailing and let your car be treated to look like new.”

What is the difference between the Silver Treatment and the Gold Treatment?

The Gold Treatment is much more extensive than our Silver Treatment. Below you can view a list of the additional elements that will be treated to make your car even more beautiful.

Are you interested in our most exclusive and complete treatment? Your car will receive everything it requires by choosing our MG Signature Treatment.

Does your car’s leather interior mainly need love and care?  Then our Leather Repair Treatment will suit your needs.



From €949,-
  • Including full Silver Treatment
  • Rims treatment
  • Two rounds of paint correction
  • Mitchell & King Pure treatment
  • Safely cleaning engine bay
  • Multiple layers of high quality car wax for extra protection
  • Extra shine and gloss
  • Rubber treatment; cleaning and nourishing
  • Chrome treatment
  • Plastic parts treatment
  • Full interior cleaning
  • Leather interior cleaning and nourishment