Dry ice Treatment​

Using the dry ice method is the most thorough, safe and quick way to clean your engine compartment and wheels. Completely without water or chemicals, ensuring that none of the parts are affected. It is also 100% safe for the electronics in your car.

What is dry ice and dry ice blasting?

Dry ice blasting is a time and cost-saving cleaning technique with dry, cold, solid CO2 that is blasted onto the surface. The dry ice granules are sprayed with great force against the surface to be cleaned. We use a special dry ice machine for this.

Better for your car and the environment

Cleaning your rims often involves a lot of water and a chemical product to remove all dirt, tar and rubber residues. With our dry ice treatment, no water or chemicals are used. This way nothing will affect your car (parts). The ice-cold dry ice grains (-78.5 degrees Celsius) are very dry and evaporate as soon as they touch the surface. The dirt is released from the cleaned part and no residual waste remains. None of the essential oils will be removed. It is good for the maintenance of your car and also very environmentally friendly.

Reduces chance of faults or breakdowns due to dirt

We understand that you want your engine and engine bay clean and well maintained. It is the heart of your beloved car. With conventional methods, this is not always safe for, among other things, the electronics in your car. This dry ice method is safe for cleaning your engine and bay. Dry ice cleaning is truly dry, because there is no moisture. This makes it safe for all parts, including the electronics. A well-cleaned engine compartment contributes to easier technical maintenance. It also reduces the risk of malfunctions or breakdowns due to dirt.

Cleans in every corner

Inaccessible parts and corners are a thing of the past. The dry ice reaches in every corner where water and cleaning agents can’t reach. You also want your complete car to be in perfect condition, don’t you? You can get your car in top condition inside and out.

Disinfecting effect

CO2 has a bactericidal effect. This means that when you choose our dry ice treatments, the bacterial growth on the surfaces is greatly reduced. This keeps the parts in good condition for longer, which saves you extra costs at the garage.

What is dry ice suitable for?

Our dry ice method is suitable for multiple applications. See the most popular below.

  • Cleaning engine blocks and bays
  • Cleaning rims
  • Remove rubber and tar residues
  • Motorcycle cleaning



€ 150,-
  • Also possible: € 40,- per rim
  • Price for four rims
  • Safe and thorough cleaning
  • Saves you time

Engine bay


from € 249,-
  • 100% safe for the electronic parts
  • Cleaning every corner
  • Waterless cleaning

Are you a car dealer?

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