Corporate Social Responsibility

Your car in optimal condition and you are contributing to a better world. Corporate Social Responsibility is in our blood. We believe in working together, entering into partnerships and contributing wherever possible.

Net profit to charity

We get the most diverse exclusive cars in our Excellence Detailing Studio. Beautiful and we do really enjoy it. For every treatment we can perform, we donate 10% of the net profit to a chosen charity. At the moment, the cause we committed to, is to get stray dogs and dogs in need, back to health in Venezuela. This is a goal that is very close to our hearts. For years we lived in Venezuela and saw with our own eyes how dogs are treated there. We also know this organization personally. Many of our customers have already saved a dog.

Do you have a favorite charity that we can contribute to? Let us know.

Every contribution has big effects

Every little bit helps. Together it makes a big difference. At MG Exclusive Detailing we use eco-friendly products. It is better for the environment, the user and your car. The whole team helps and separates waste, both at home and in our studio. We wanted to do even more. Where we first washed cars by hand according to the 3-bucket system, we now opt for dry ice. Our dry ice method is without using water and is very environmentally friendly. Check out our dry ice page to learn more about this method.

Maarten Memorial

Maarten Memorial is an event that takes place every year. This event is in memory of Maarten van Sten. He died a few years ago from the effects of cancer. His friends set up this event to let 100 adult cancer patients forget about their illness for a few hours and just have fun. This is a nice enough goal, of course. But it can be even better. Every year an auction takes place in which the proceeds go to cancer research. In addition to riding along and giving someone a nice day, we also contribute to this auction. In recent years we have auctioned of several of our most luxurious treatments: MG Signature Treatment worth 3000 euros per treatment.

Dag met een lach

Zieke en gehandicapten kinderen bezorgen we ook graag een dag waarbij zij hun zorgen kunnen vergeten. Dit doen we door deel te nemen aan evenementen van Dag met een lach. Een organisatie die auto-evenementen organiseert waarbij de zieke kinderen meerijden in één van de luxe sportauto’s. De lach van een kind is onbetaalbaar. 

We also like to give sick and disabled children a day where they can forget their troubles. We do this by participating in Dag met een lach events, which translates to Day with a smile. An organization that organizes car events in which the sick children ride along in one of the luxury sports cars. To us, a child’s smile is priceless.