Your car is our care

The beste treatment for protection of car wraps.

Special for matte, satin, and glossy car wraps

“How do I protect my wrapped car?” MG Exclusive Detailing has developed a special treatment for this. The coating that we work with has been extensively tested, resulting in a product that is exceptionally fit for use on all types of glossy, matte, and satin vinyl and PPF wraps.

The treatment for your wrapped car

Your car will be thoroughly washed with special pH-neutral agents. We use different products for matte wraps than for satin or glossy vinyl. Just like you, we want to keep your matte car matte and your glossy car glossy.

After the wash and decontamination, your car will be inspected, and any fingerprints will be removed. After which it is time for our detailer Max to apply the protection layer (coating). This application takes place in sections in order to ensure the quality and in order to keep the surface levelled. Once your car has been fully coated, it will remain with us for 12 to 24 hours to allow the coating to cure.

What are the benefits of a coating for car wraps?

This special coating improves the performance of Paint Protection Film (PPF) and vinyl wrap. It protects against the elements that a car must face on a daily basis. You can think of dirt, brine, UV-rays, bird droppings, and more… The density of the coating also improves dirt and water repellence of PPF and vinyl. It reduces yellowing from UV-rays and helps prevent stains from forming due to invasive filth. Furthermore, the coating makes it easier to clean your car, saving you precious time.



€ 749,-
  • Thorough cleaning of your car
  • Two layers of coating
  • 12 tot 24 hours curing in our studio
  • Light cleaning of your car's interior
  • Enjoy your coated and well protected car
  • A surcharge of €250,- will be applicable for large cars.