Our products

The two specialist product lines Renovo and Mitchell & King.

We are the sole distributors in The Netherlands of the exclusive brand Mitchell & King. For more than eight years they have been making organic wax. We choose to use this wax because it is both good for your car and good for the environment.

Every wax is made by Mitchell & King by hand from scratch. Mitchell & King uses only the best and most carefully selected ingredients for their wax, which makes it one of the highest quality car waxes in the world. Only a limited amount of wax is produced each year, making it very exclusive.


Renovo and MG Exclusive Detailing will breathe new life into your convertible top. We use Renovo products at our studio and offer the complete line of Renovo products on our webshop. Renovo is specialised in products for the care and maintenance of convertible tops and boat canvas.

The entire product line is water based in order to ensure that it always safe to use on your convertible top, bimini top and interior. Furthermore, Renovo products are environmentally friendly. Whether you are looking for a product to recolour, protect and/or make your convertible top water repellent, we offer all the necessary products on our webshop.