Your oldtimer in safe and experienced hands

Through our oldtimer treatment, your car will be made even more beautiful, while maintaining its original state. Your classic car is in safe hands due to Max’s years long experience.

Car enthusiast

As a car enthusiast, you wish that your oldtimer or youngtimer can drive flawlessly in its original state. Do you wish to have the swirls and holograms (fine scratches) removed from the paint, without compromising its originality? Do you wish to have the leather interior treated with leather specific materials? Then this is the most suitable treatment for your car.

Knowledge and experience are essential

Knowledge, experience, and an eye for detail are essential for a specialist in the treatment of oldtimers and youngtimers. Modern car paints are very different from the car paints used in the 40’s, or 80’s, or even in the 2000’s. The composition of the paint and the material of the body are features that determine how the car must be properly treated. We use exclusive waxes that are made specifically for car paints from those times.

Keeping your classic car as original as possible

We can do that. We understand that your classic car is of great value to you, and as such, is also valuable to us. You may have bought your classic car out of passion or as an investment. In either case, you wish to maintain the car as original as possible. By doing this you preserve the value of the car.

Your classic car even more beautiful and protected

This treatment has been specially developed in order to achieve just that. This way, you will get back a more beautiful car, better protected against the most common external influences, such as UV-rays, bird droppings, tree resin, brine, etc…

The treatment

This treatment is not a one suits all treatment. We will first inspect your gorgeous car and walk you through everything. Then we will discuss your wishes and your car’s needs with you. While one classic car may need a leather renovation, another may only need light paint correction and a layer of protective carnauba wax. Depending on the inspection and your wishes, Max will advise one of our treatments or will formulate a custom package for you. The treatment is starting at €499,-

Paint correction

Swirls (light scratches) and holograms take away part of your car’s natural charm. These can (to a large extent) be polished away if the scratches do not penetrate all the way through the paint. The scratches that penetrate deeper than the paint may be touched up and polished in order to make the scratch less visible. After our specialised detailer Max has polished your car, he will select the best wax for your car. He will apply several layers of this wax so that your car is well protected.

Leather interior method

Does your leather interior need a reparation or renovation? We work with craftsmanship and leather specific materials. We do not replace the leather. We produce the leather paint in the same colour as your leather interior, so no colour difference is visible. Everything is done in the old-fashioned way, by hand. The advantage of this method is that the leather continues to breathe, stays supple, and maintains the value of your car.