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Is your convertible top dirty, discoloured, or does it need to be made waterproof again? Then our Convertible’s Treatment is the solution for you. Your convertible top will be reinvigorated.

Why a convertible soft top treatment?

In addition to detailing and leather repairs, we have developed a special treatment for your convertible’s soft top. After extensive research, we have chosen to work with the products from Renovo.

Several external circumstances, such as the weather, can have an influence on the state of your convertible’s soft top. The colour of the convertible top can turn pale, green and yellow mould deposits can form. All of this can devalue your beautiful convertible car. We can restore your top with our Renovo soft top treatment.

What is done to my convertible top?

When you select our convertible top treatment, we will first thoroughly clean your soft top with Renovo Cleaner. There are two types of cleaners, one for canvas soft tops and another for vinyl tops.

Once the top is completely dry, our detailer Max treats the top with Renovo Ultra Proofer for a waterproof protection barrier. This product contains an advanced UV filter and a special agent that reduces the formation of mould deposits.

Do you wish to recolour your convertible top so that it once again looks fresh? We can do that for you.

In that case, we recolour your canvas or vinyl top after the cleaning process. The available colours are: black, dark red,  dark green, navy blue and dark brown. Once your car’s convertible top is completely dry again, Renovo Ultra Proofer is applied. In addition to protecting the material, this will also keep the colour vibrant.

Soft Top Basic

Starting at € 225,-
  • Thorough cleaning soft top
  • Waterproofing the soft top

Soft Top Colour

Starting at € 295,-
  • Thorough cleaning soft top
  • Waterproofing the soft top
  • Colouring the soft top
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